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Your Destiny By Lehi U T dentistsDid you know last Friday was Friday the 13th?  I went most of the day without realizing it, then the curse hit.  We were at a State Tournament soccer game for my boys and they had just pulled off a win in overtime.  They were going to be playing in the championship game the next day, so we were all excited.  When we got to the vehicle we saw it had a VERY FLAT tire.  No big deal – 5 boys from the team and my in-laws rode with us, so they could all help.

The tire was on the Yukon Denali my parents sold us when they moved a few weeks ago.  We had never changed a tire on it before.  Of course, we left the owner’s manual at home –  had it out to learn a little more about the car.  Never fear… my husband is handy.  He figured out you had to pop open a spot on the back, insert a long tool, then twist to lower the spare tire.  The tire was lowering, so he jacked up the car and got under to get the tire off.  That was where the trouble began.

How many people does it take to change a tire…

We could not figure out how to get the tire off the tire-holder apparatus.  Nearly everyone crawled under the car to check it out at one point or another!  It seemed impossible.  So the teenagers turned to the source of all information – youtube.  We watched video after video of people saying this was the most frustrating spare tire assembly known to man, and that it had taken them days to get it off!  They all showed what to do to the point we were at, but not further.  Finally I found a video that gave me a clue.

My husband and I crawled under, jacked the car back down, got it loose enough and worked the tire off the assembly.  And hour later…  The tire was quickly changed, only to find the spare tire was flat too.  It had enough air to limp to a gas station nearby and we were finally on the road.

Finally done!

By this time all of the soccer boys were dying of hunger and thirst (they had just played a long, intense game in some serious heat).  We were nearly the most incompetent car owners of all time!  But we did it, and now I could do it on my own if I ever needed to!

So was it the curse of Friday the 13th after all???  (Scary music plays here)  I looked up the origins forFriday the 13th and what I found was a lot of guesses!

Where it all began

There are a lot of notorious events in history and religion on Friday the 13th.  On the Norse side, it was believed that number 13 was unlucky due to a 13th evil demigod joining the mythological 12.  According to Catholics, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ  took place on Friday the 13th and Judas who betrayed him was was the 13th guest at the Last Supper.  And on Friday, 13 October 1307, hundreds of Knights Templar were arrested and burnt across France.

In modern times, the superstition may be linked back to an American club that attempted to debunk the superstition surrounding the number 13.  The Thirteen Club first met on 13 September 1881 and tried to disprove any and all established ‘superstitions’ they knew about.

The group of 13 would meet on the 13 of each month, sit 13 to a table, break mirrors, spill salt and walk under ladders – all while recording how many members died.

Over the years the group grew to roughly 400 members – including a number of US presidents – but the group’s existence just fed the public fear.  All of this may seem quite silly, but why do we really believe a number on a calendar has more control over the outcome of the day than we do?

Why are we superstitious?

I found an article on 2knowmyself.com that had some interesting insights.  It said we believe in superstitions because it makes us feel safe.  How?

1) Because it’s easier than taking responsibility: Remember the “Secret” craze: The universe will bring things to you.  Well, I tell my teenagers if they don’t study, but wait for the universe to bring them good grades, it’s probably not going to turn out too favorably.  Studying takes more work than the universe, but it also brings more results.

2) To feel in control: People hate feeling out of control, so superstitions may help.  “As long as I am staying away from black cats and avoiding walking under ladders I won’t get bad luck.”  I guess it can’t hurt, but I think I would bank on yourself more than just a cat.

3) Because of insecurity: It’s easier to believe we are not responsible for the events in our lives. If you believe you didn’t succeed because you weren’t lucky, it lets you off the hook.

So why does it seem at times that the superstitions come true?   Your mind was designed to find clues that prove what it believes.  If you believe in Friday 13th, then you will ignore all good events that happen on that day and focus on the bad ones.  If you broke a mirror you can certainly find bad things that happen afterwards if you look for them.

Rabbits feet may work

There is also a really cool placebo effect that happens.  If you believe a rabbit’s foot can make you play better, then you will actually play better just because your mind will try to prove what it believes is true.  If you drop that rabbit’s foot without noticing, you will still play better because you believe it is still in your pocket.  Pretty cool!

We did have a flat tire on the car last Friday the 13th, but the boys won their soccer game, my son won the election for Student Body President, and we had a great dinner with friends and family on the road home.  I think the good outweighed the bad.

So put your mind to work.  Start believing you are smart, energetic, handsome, hardworking, deserving, etc…..  What your mind believes it can achieve.  Put a lucky rabbit’s foot in your pocket and walk around ladders if that is what it takes, but now you know the truth.  The luck is in your own mind and you are the master of your own destiny.  Aren’t you excited about tomorrow!

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