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total-care-blogI spent the weekend in a beautiful place, and saw the inside of a conference room!  And it’s not the first time…in fact, it was my ninth time back to this teaching center.  I am bursting my buttons to tell you about it!

I am now a proud graduate of the Kois Center for Dental Excellence.  What in the world is that?  Your American Fork, Utah dentist received a special graduate book as a graduation gift, and I’m going to let the book tell you what it means:

What is a graduate?

The Kois Center is a family of dentists and dental professionals who are passionate about dental healthcare, and have the discipline to pursue excellence…These individuals are integrity-based and committed to both their patients and education.  Dentist who attend the Center seek evidence-based knowledge, willing to questions their beliefs in pursuit of excellence.  The Kois Center community works to provide the best, most efficient and cost-effective care to their patients.

Graduates have completed all nine courses in the curriculum at the Center…they have made a serious commitment to this rigorous curriculum – sacrificing time away from families, home and their practices – challenging themselves to be the best.  To achieve this goal has required the courage and willingness to change, when necessary, how they practice dentistry.

Above all, dentists graduating from the Kois Center are committed to excellence and doing their best for their patients.”

In short, it means I’ve spent over 350 hours of my time to learn how to do my very best for you.  Every time I attend a course, my mind feels like it’s blowing up!  I’ve spent 8 years completing the continuum, and that was necessary.  I often had to come home and spend a year processing and applying what I learned from each intensive course.

Tooting Our Horn

I don’t often toot the Total Care Dental horn, but I’m going to for a moment.  In my opinion, dental school is kind of like elementary school.  By the time you graduate, you know how to diagnose dental needs, how to drill and fill a tooth, and if you’re lucky, you might kind of know why.  After graduation, there is a very minimal requirement for dentists to take continuing education (I believe it’s 30 hours every three years).   So, dentists can stay at a very basic level of education for their entire career.

Growing up I watched my father spend hours at dental courses around the country.  I watched him read dental journals in the evenings and on vacations.  He has continually pushed himself to learn all he can about his career and become the best dentist he can be (and he IS the best dentist I know!). So that was my benchmark for education.  I’ve followed his lead, and in fact, it was a few years before I realized that is not what all dentists do!  My team and I are constantly learning and bettering our skills for you.

Very Small Club

We are in a very small club!  There were 20 dentists in my graduating class from the Kois Center, and two were from Australia, 1 from Germany, 5 were from Canada.   That leaves 12 from all over the United States.  Yeah, it’s a small club that I’m very happy to be a part of.  I hope you can see the difference this time and education makes when you visit your dentist in American Fork at Total Care Dental.

For the last three days my wheels have been spinning non stop with ideas for how to improve your care.  I can’t wait to get back to the office!  In that vein, I will be announcing some changes at Total Care Dental office in American Fork in the next few weeks.  (A mix of very sad and very exciting).  Stay tuned…

Have a wonderful Spring week and enjoy the sunshine.  I’m going to try to pull myself away from dentistry for long enough to get some sun!

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our dental office in American Fork, UT would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

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