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IMG_7909We had a belly-laugh funny incident of goat-meets-modern world this week in the Lehi, UT area that got me thinking!   For the first few days of attempting to milk our goats, we couldn’t get them up on the milking stand.  I tugged and pulled, had my little kids pushing their rear end…goats are incredibly stubborn I’ve found out!  Well, we soon realized goats are motivated by some of the same things we are motivated by.  Food being first on the list.

We got some tasty grain and lured them up on the stand with it.  Now they know it’s there and they hop right up.  Thank heavens!  When we get finished milking, the mommas are usually very anxious to get back to their babies.  So we just open up the milk stand, they hop off and head back to the pen.  That worked for a few days…

Roses for dessert

Then our goat Mocha noticed some tasty rose bushes behind the barn.  She decided that would be the perfect dessert to go with the grain we feed her while milking.   Try to get a hungry goat out of a 6 foot tall rose hedge.  Some not so nice words may have been said!

So the next day we made sure to block the way toward the roses when she was done.  That was just fine with her – there were three rows of tasty raspberry bushes around the other side that looked appetizing.  Yep, every milking has turned into an adventure!

Not all it seems

Right next to the barn is our greenhouse.  It is pieced together with parts and pieces from ksl -with a beat up metal door at one end and a sliding glass door at the other.  When we blocked Mocha from going to the rose bushes and raspberries, she turned towards the greenhouse.  She could see all of the yummy lettuce, spinach and turnips growing through the glass door.  Hoping to get a big mouthful before we stopped her, she ran towards the greenhouse – and smacked head first into the sliding glass door!

She stood there, stunned.  My husband and looked at each other and cracked up!  Goats don’t know much about sliding glass doors, but I don’t think she will try that again too soon!  The modern world taught her pretty quickly!

The BUSY trap

In today’s modern world I feel like we all talk about how “busy” we are all the time.  Busy with work, busy with kids, busy with service, busy with personal development…busy busy busy!!  I catch myself saying things like, “I have to go pick up the kids.”  “I have to go speak at this conference.”  “I have to go exercise today.”  Always with a little tinge of dread in my voice and attitude.

My husband sent me an article by Michael Hyatt that changed my thinking.  He talked about the difference between the word HAVE and the word GET.

The DUTY vs. the GIFT

The word HAVE is all about duty.  We often say it like we are a victim, and in a negative way.  That’s setting us up for a great day isn’t it??!  The word GET is all about opportunity.  We have been given a gift and we appreciate it.  Makes a difference doesn’t it?

My modern world had gotten in the way of me seeing things for how they really are – I was deceived by that glass door too!

  • I don’t HAVE to go pick up my kids, I GET to go pick up my crazy, wonderful, sweet kids that I’m so grateful for.

  • I don’t HAVE to speak at a conference, I GET to speak and share things that I love with people that will benefit from hearing them.

  • I don’t HAVE to exercise, I GET to enjoy the outdoors and use my amazing, capable body so I can stay healthy.

You get the idea…

Small Shift, Big Difference

Here are three suggestions for making this shift yourself:

  1. Watch your mouth. Are you aware of what you’re saying?  When you are telling someone all about your “busy” day, how are you phrasing the things on your list?  What is your attitude, tone of voice, etc?

  2. Start using get to rather than have to. Make a conscious effort to use the word “GET” when talking about the things on your To Do list.

  3. Notice the difference it makes in your attitude. Suddenly you sound grateful, and soon you will feel that way too. Rather than dreading or resenting an activity, you can be thankful for it. And the more gratitude we express, the better we feel and perform.

I don’t know one person that isn’t “busy” in their own way.  Everyone from new moms to grandmas have their own lists that fill their day.  You have to do these things, might as well feel grateful for it.

When you’re looking through your glass door in the Lehi, UT area, what are you seeing?  It’s all up to you to have a negative day or a positive one.  Don’t be fooled.  There are things to be grateful for us everywhere and I’m going to start seeing them for what they really are.  You GET to have an amazing week!


Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our practice would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

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