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IMG_7917There are so many things I could write about today – we have 5 new members of our family (all of the goat-type- see picture), my boys won the state basketball championship for their league, and I’ve had all kinds of excitement with my new seeds sprouting in the basement.  But instead I’m going to tell you about an experience that could have been very heart breaking but ended up inspiring in the end.

Basketball and more basketball

Both the girls and boys basketball teams from my kid’s school were in contention for the state championship near Spanish Fork, UT.  They have experienced players who have won before, and they were looking good going into the tournament.  During the regular season, the girls had lost to one team that had tall, excellent players.  They were nervous about playing them, and that was the team they had to play for the championship.

The game was close and intense – and that’s saying something.  I usually feel like girls basketball games are like boys games in slow motion (I’m soooo sorry if you’re a girl basketball player, but you have to admit it’s a little true!).  This game had us all on the edge of our seats, and ended up in a tie at the end of the game.  So they went into overtime.


At the tip off at the beginning of overtime, our center tipped it to our point guard and she drove down and made a quick basket…in the wrong basket.  She thought they switched baskets in overtime and scored for the other team.  Devastating.  Now the other team was ahead, and it was all because of her.  Her hands went to her face and she looked like she wished the floor would swallow her up and she could disappear.  But the game was still going and she had to play.  She looked up, took the inbound ball, drove down and made a basket on her team’s basket.

She went on to score 11 of the 15 points scored in overtime – most of the points for both teams!  Our team won and she was the player that was instrumental in that win.  We all cheered and congratulated her, forgetting all about the blunder because she had overcome it in a spectacular way.

We all Mess Up!

I think that is an amazing example for life.  As a dentist near Spanish Fork, UT  it is important to understand that we all do stupid things.  We all mess up.  We all make mistakes we wish we had never made.  But the mistake is not the important thing.  What matters is how you pick yourself up from the mistake and move on.  It was a beautiful thing to watch, and one that I won’t soon forget.

Here are some tips from 99u.com about how to bounce back from big mistakes:

1. Own your mistake.

Truly great people don’t blame others for their mistake.  When you own up to it, you are telling yourself and others you have control and you can change.  

2. Fix it if you can, then tell others.

Don’t be a quiet fixer.   Mistakes often have side effects, and pretending that it didn’t happen is dangerous.  Others may be able to learn from your mistake so they don’t have to repeat it, or the group may be able to find a solution faster than you can on your own.

3. Apologize to anyone affected.

Make it a real apology. (“I’m sorry I didn’t make the call when it needed to be made”), not something lame and self-protective (“I wish it hadn’t happened”).

4. Reflect on the mistake.

Think about what caused it, and what you did that contributed to the situation. You can’t learn anything by blaming other people, the weather, the economy, etc.  So forget about them.  What can you do differently?

5. Address the root cause.

If you reflect on your mistakes, you may see a pattern in the things that derail you.  Take some time to recognize what may be the cause so you can address that, rather than always having to make up for the mistake.

6. Share what you learned.

Amy Edmondson of Harvard University discovered that the highest-performing nursing units in a hospital she researched had reported the largest number of mistakes. Not because they made more mistakes, but because they felt safe to report and share the ones they did make.  They all learned from each other and got better together.

Adopting these practices may not make mistakes any less embarrassing, but it will help prevent disasters and ensure that you don’t make the same mistake twice.

So embrace your mistakes, take the ball and make something happen.  You are in charge of you, and the day you realize that is the day you move forward into a better life.  Make tomorrow great!

Love, Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our practice would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

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