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Vitamins And Minerals For Strong Teeth In The Springville UT AreaWhile I type this today , I’m getting occasional whiffs of some pretty potent stink!  I really need to change and shower, but wanted to write today’s post first.  Why do I stink?  Because we helped welcome the newest members of our family into the world today.  No, we didn’t have another baby, we are getting baby goats near Springville, Utah!

We were planning to add a pregnant mama goat to our backyard farm, and we headed down to Ephraim to a friends house to pick her up today.  On our way down, she called and said the mama was in labor.  We would not be bringing mama and her two little ones home today, but we could visit them.  So down we went.  When we arrived, the babies were just finding their legs and wobbling around.  What an amazing thing to watch!

Goats need minerals too

Mom was pretty tired, but was diligently licking them and keeping them warm.  We fed them some minerals we brought along and they slurped them right up, but they could not figure out how to nurse.  I had to climb in the little goat house and lay on the ground, shoving the nipple in their little mouths.  They nursed for a minute then went back to wobbling around.  Hopefully they follow nature and figure out what to do tonight!

So I smell a bit like straw and goat poop and goat mama’s milk.  Not real pleasant, but it was an adventure!  We will be going back on Saturday to pick up the little family and bring them home.  Then we have to figure out what to do with them from now on.  Thankfully I have a goat mentor and friend that is helping me through my learning curve.

Is your “healthy” diet not so healthy?

My friend has done a lot of research and study on nutrition for her goats.  She has found nutrition to be more important than even genetics in a good milking goat.  Her goats are big and strong and healthy, and she attributes it to their diet and the supplements she feeds her herd.  It’s amazing how goats and people are so similar!

I had an interesting conversation with a patient recently.  She is diligent about coming in for her dental cleanings and exams, and takes excellent care of her teeth, so we were both dismayed when she had a handful of cavities at her last visit.  I wanted to get to the bottom of it with her, so I started asking about her diet and any changes she had made recently.  She was frustrated and said, “I eat so well!  I am a vegetarian and try not to eat anything bad for me.”  Ding, Ding, Ding!!!

The Vegan secret

I’ve found through very real experience that the typical vegetarian has poor teeth.  What?  It’s true- and vegans are even worse.  I see two sisters – one is vegan and ultra-health conscious and the other is run of the mill, try to eat okay but nothing special.  Guess which one has worse teeth – the vegan, health conscious sister.  Seems to be a slap in her “healthy” face!

So what’s going on here??  There are some very important vitamins that are essential for healthy teeth and gums, and they are fat-soluble vitamins.  This means they are found in fats.  They are Vitamin A, D, E, K2.  These vitamins are the gatekeepers for your cells and allow minerals to be absorbed.

Keys open cells

How do they work?  Without getting too technical, not all the vitamins and minerals you eat are able to get into the places they are needed.  Imagine a key in a lock.  Unless you have the right key, you’re not going to get through that door, no matter how much you need to get through!  These fat soluble vitamins are the right keys.  They make it possible for your body to absorb minerals and use protein.

So the ultimate irony is vegetarians and vegans in the Springville, Utah area are usually eating tons of vitamins and minerals through the fruits and vegetables that make up a large part of their diet.  Unfortunately, without the fat soluble vitamins to unlock the cells, they don’t get absorbed.  So how can you get the fat soluble vitamins you need for healthy, cavity free teeth?  Keep reading!

How to Remineralize your teeth

Fat soluble vitamins are the keys needed for minerals to get into your cells and teeth.  These are A,D,E,K2

Food Sources for Fat Soluble Vitamins

Vitamin A

  • The easiest to use form is from animal foods.  Butter, milk, egg yolks, goat cheese, fish and liver.  Two of the best – fermented cod liver oil and butter oil.

  • Some plants contain betacarotene, which the body converts to vitamin A.  Found in orange or dark green fruits and vegetables.  Carrots, pumpkin, winter squash, dark green leafy vegetables and apricots.

Vitamin D

  • Vitamin D is found in oily fish like salmon as well as in cod liver oil, butter oil, eggs.

  • We get vitamin D through our skin from the sun (without sunscreen on).

Vitamin E

  • Fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts (almonds and hazelnuts), seeds (sunflower) and fortified cereals.

Vitamin K2

  • Raw dairy products – Butter oil, raw butter or ghee and raw cream

Cod Liver Oil and Butter Oil – www.codliveroilshop.com.  1/2- 1 1/2 t per day for adults

Ways to increase Remineralization

  1. Stop taking too much calcium.  500 mg per day is plenty.

  2. Make sure the foods you eat actually have nutrients in them.  Refined sugar and flour have none.  If you want to build strong teeth and bones, you have to eat the stuff that will build them.

  3. Take a Silica supplement.  Look for Horsetail at your local Health Food store.  For teeth repair and building, 1,500 mg per day.  For maintenance, 500 mg per day.

  4. Take a multi-vitamin that has plant sourced Magnesium and Potassium.

  5. Watch the acid!  Teeth dissolve at a pH of 5.5.

Other non-mineral ways to build teeth

  • Dr. Christopher’s Complete Tissue and Bone –Herbal supplement that builds teeth.

  • Bentonite Clay – The toothpaste I recommended has a base of Bentonite clay (Earthpaste).  Used alone, directly on the teeth, this clay can be used to pull toxins from your teeth and facilitate adding minerals in.

  • Calc Fluor and Calc Phos – these are the homeopathic names for Calcium Fluoride (not to be confused with Sodium Fluoride used in toothpaste and water) and Calcium Phosphorus.  Basic cell salts that form the building blocks of the body and facilitate enzymes.  Especially important in growing children and expecting women.

We are working on additional protocols we can recommend to help you have a healthy, beautiful smile.  For now, follow the lead of those little goats and slurp up your vitamins and minerals.  Nature has provided them, now you make sure you do your part too!  Have a happy, healthy week Springville, Utah area residents!


Dr. Michelle Jorgensen


This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our dental practice would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

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