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IMG_2118-300x225After last week’s basketball trilogy, I thought I better keep this one light! This story fits the bill… I was scared stiff last week, standing in my own backyard. And surprise, surprise, it was my fault, yet again!

I have my mind set on getting a greenhouse built this summer. I attended a great Geothermal Greenhouse class a few weeks ago, and now that I know how to do it, I’m a little dangerous. I knew it would be ideal to build the greenhouse onto a barn or shed, so I’ve scoured KSL to find the perfect structure. Last week I found it – a shed that was the right size, the right color (barn red to match my cute chicken condo!), and the right price. It was in Draper, and the seller said they had a mover that could move it for us.

Well, sign me up! I called the mover and he said he could move it the following morning. He started asking the important questions – how big it was, what the access was like in the yards, and what he would be driving over to get to it and to deliver. The seller’s backyard was perfect – the shed was close to the fence and over hard packed dirt. I told him he would need to drive a little farther into our yard, but that is was over grass so he should be fine.

I got home, and proudly told my husband I had it all arranged. That’s when he mentioned something I had kind of forgotten. We mulched over a big section of our grass in the fall, and it was now covered with 12 inches of composting cardboard, straw, leaves and manure. He would have to drive over all of this to put the shed where I needed it to work as a greenhouse. I was sure it would be fine, and felt better when my husband said he would lay down some straw to make it drier to drive on.

The mover loaded the shed and headed our direction. It was a large flat bed tow truck and my husband said he was very good at handling it. He got to our yard and scoped out the very mucky route he would have to take. Sorry! He was a little worried about getting stuck, but gave it a try anyway. One third of the way back he got stuck. And not just a little stuck – he couldn’t move forward or back. They tried everything, then finally he had my husband hook his truck to the front to pull him out. Now my husband has a little Ford 150 pickup. It’s a good truck, but no match for this huge tow truck. They rocked back, then my husband gunned it. Pop – his truck jerked back and the tires just spun in the grass. Ahhhh! I was sure I was going to see the back end of my husband’s truck go flying off! Everything was still intact, so they tried it again…and again…and again. Finally it moved and they got the tow truck out.

Whew. They decided to dig the muck down to ground level and try it again. I felt so bad I got a shovel and tried to help. Yeah, shoveling mud isn’t quite as easy as it looks. The tow truck driver just gave me a “really, lady??” look and I stepped quietly to the side.

This is when it got real scary. He pulled forward as far as he could go in my yard, then floored the truck going backwards. His tires were squealing, manure was flying, and I was sure he was going to go straight through my pine tree and fence and land in the neighbors trampoline! AHHHHH! Thankfully he got stuck again! This time he was 10 feet from where the shed needed to go, so he called it good and maneuvered the flat bed to finish the job. He was amazing with his truck – could move the shed a foot this way, lean it here, square it up perfectly. It was like a second set of hands. I told him he was worth every penny and he gave me another look…

Well, my husband had to pull him out again, but without a 2 ton shed on the back, it was much easier this time. His truck was covered in manure caked straw, and both he and his truck didn’t smell so good. I really screwed this one up! He asked directions to the closest car wash , took his check and drove off – probably praying to never see me again!

So is there a lesson in this one? Well, probably just one I need to learn over and over again. I’m a tad impetuous, and don’t always think through everything. It’s a very good thing I have an engineer for a husband. He over thinks things sometimes, (in my biased opinion!), and that tempers my under thinking. Thank goodness there are many different personalities and types of people in this world. We even each other out.

We’ve always enjoyed doing personality testing as a team at work, and at home. If you’ve never done it, look up the DISC test online. You can buy the test kits and learn about the different personalities. It’s a lot of fun, and very good to learn. The first time I took it I realized that not everyone thinks the same way I do. When I thought they were just crazy, they were thinking the same of me!! It gave me a better perspective – I see differences as a positive rather than negative. So appreciate all those in your life that are different than you, and figure out ways to be better together. Have a great week – spring is coming!

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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