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long_20dusty_20roadI guarantee Maple Canyon is the place to be this weekend. Why? Because we are having our Total Care Reboot Retreat there, and we always have a great time! I’ve been working hard all weekend to get ready for it, and came across a story I want to share. (adapted from:Through The Eyes of a Coach by Brian Biro)

For years there was an ultramarathon event in Australia called the “King of the Ultra-Marathons”. Anything over 26.2 miles is an ultramarathon, and most events are 100 miles. This one was a staggering 600 Kilometers – about 365 miles. All the elite ultra runners showed up – in their tech running gear, the lightest and best shoes, rail thin and looking like they have skipped a meal or two. Most of the runners were in the age range of 20-35. That is until Cliff Young showed up.

When Cliff showed up, every eye was on him. No one had seen him at earlier races, and he certainly wasn’t dressed for the event. He wore baggy shorts and old high top sneakers. He looked older than the others too. A race official made his way over to Cliff to find out what he was doing there. He told him his name was Cliff Young and he had come to run the race. The official asked what other events he had run, and Cliff told him this was his first race.

The official didn’t know quite how to handle this crazy guy, so he asked why Cliff thought he could run this race. Cliff looked intently at the man and told him he had worked his entire life on a sheep station in the outback, hadn’t ever owned a horse, and had run after sheep so far and so long he thought why not try to earn some prize money for all that running.

The official left him alone after that – he knew he was harmless and was sure he wouldn’t last long in the race. As he began warming up, the others could hardly keep from laughing at his very strange running style. His arms hung limply at his sides, and he shuffled his feet forward – looking strangely like a noodle!

The thought for a race of this length- one that would last several days- was that no one could handle running for more than 12-14 hours in one 24 hour period. They would run for 3-6 hours, then take a break to eat and rest. Well, no one told Cliff this. Out on the sheep station if he took a break, the sheep were long gone.

In the first 24 hours, Cliff just kept noodling. Then he took a short rest and went right back to it. To make a long story short, not only did Cliff win the race, he broke the world record by a day and a half! The best part – Cliff was 61 years old!

Cliff didn’t know the past, so he created an entirely new approach that shocked everyone. One year later, four people broke Cliff’s record. How did they do it? By Noodling! It turns out Cliff’s running style was the most efficient way to run such long distances. They had to move beyond the belief that the future had to be the same as the past. Cliff shattered the beliefs of the past and the previous limitations.

I loved that story. It made me wonder what areas in my life I need a new belief for. And for our retreat, it makes me want to shatter some old dentistry beliefs and make our future extraordinary.

So can I ask favor? I’ve been in dentistry for 25 years. I’ve watched changes in the field, but I’ve been cozzied up in the dental world for so long I think I may be doing things like the past simply because I think that’s the only way to do it. I want to know what you would like from a dental office. The sky is the limit – how would you like dentistry delivered, what services would you like performed? What perks would you like to see us offer? Get crazy here! Remember the noodle! If you’ve seen it in any other industry, I’d like to know about it.

I want to take your ideas and use this retreat this weekend to change our future. I want to give you the most incredible, comfortable, ENJOYABLE dental visits ever!

Thank you for sharing. I challenge you to think about where you could noodle a little in your life too!

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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