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I was in my son’s bedroom a few days ago, and something went whizzing past my head and landed with a thump in the garbage can. I jumped about a foot and asked, “What was THAT??”! My son Josh stomped past me and said “It was my popcorn, and I just can’t stand to look at it anymore!”. He’s a teenager, but even that doesn’t explain this…until you know the rest of the story!

When I was in junior high school, I didn’t have acne like most of my friends (see the very cute 9th grade picture of me below – yes it was the 80′s). I thought I was blessed with great skin and great genes. Boy was I wrong. My acne hit later in high school, and during my freshman year in college I had terrible skin. Like every girl, I HATED it! My husband’s was even worse. He had to go on prescription medication to get rid of his acne in high school. Let’s fast forward 20 years.

Now I have kids in junior high and they have acne. As parents we want to help our kids avoid our struggles if we can, so I am on a No More Zits campaign! (As an aside, I hate the word zit. In fact, I usually can’t even say it out loud. I think that acne scarred me in more ways than one!!) I’m a little crazy about drugs and chemicals, and really don’t want my boys to use them if they don’t have to, so I’m trying natural acne remedies first.

I saw how much worse their complexions got over the holidays, and thought the “sugar for every meal” plan might not be the best for their skin. So I issued a challenge, along with a hefty incentive. I challenged my kids to go 1 month without processed sugar, and I would pay them for it. They all took me up on the challenge, and we are 11 days into our no-sugar month.

This is where we join Josh back in his bedroom. Santa gave him some chocolate covered popcorn in his stocking for Christmas. Unfortunately for Josh, he had not eaten it before the sugar challenge began. So, he was sick of walking past the menacing package sitting on his dresser every day. That’s when it went forcefully into the trash! I laughed for awhile about that one!

images-31How is the no-sugar working? That depends on what you’re going for. I love that I don’t have to harp on my kids about eating junk. I love that I don’t have to worry about them eating much worse when they are out of my home than in. I love that they are eating 5 bunches of bananas and a bag of Cutie oranges every three days (instead of processed sweets), and that everything tastes sweeter to them. I don’t love their skin…yet.

This is the point of this entire post – it just took me awhile to get to it. If you’ve set some big New Years goals, or are just trying something new, don’t hold your breath about results. You won’t lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks. You won’t get in shape for a half marathon in 2 weeks. You won’t establish a habit, change your life or help create world peace in 2 weeks. It simply won’t happen.

So you might as well give up, throw in the towel, call it quits, right. We might as well start eating sugar again. I have a goal to exercise and work on strengthening my neck and back. I’ve felt great, until today. My neck is popping and cracking and sore today. Might as well stop exercising, right. NOT SO FAST!! We have such an instant results society. We want something right now, and we don’t want to work very hard for it. Unfortunately, that is not how it works – or how it’s ever worked. At first, you do have to put in the time.

We have not given the sugar enough time. What a shame it would be if day 15 was the day when their complexion started clearing up, and we quit today. So this is a pump you up post. If you’ve started some new goals this year, you are not done. If you cheated and ate a doughnut that wasn’t on your diet, who cares! Tomorrow is a new day. If you are seeing no change in the way your family acts, even though you are spending more time with them, keep going. Your hard work is working.

So for me, give it 2 more weeks. If nothing changes in two more weeks, I’m looking for something else besides the sugar to change. If you are seeing no results in two weeks, change your focus. But don’t stop. Throw the popcorn away, get rid of obstacles that may be standing in the way of results, but don’t stop. I can’t wait to see what 2 more weeks will bring for all of us!


Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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