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images-29It’s going to be the new year in two days. We should all be making our New Year’s Resolutions, right? Well, I’ve been a bit cynical about those yearly goals that fizzle around January 31st. I remember a boyfriend I had in High School. He made a resolution to stop eating pork (don’t ask me why?!), and after a late night New Year’s Eve dance, we stopped at 7-11 and he got a hot dog. His resolution lasted about 4 hours. Why do we set goals that we really have no hope of keeping?

Well, that’s the attitude I had this year too, despite having some areas in my life that could really use resolutions. That all changed with a random email last week. I’ve subscribed to a blog called “No Meat Athlete” that sends weekly emails. They are usually about health and exercise, but last week was different. The title of the email was “On Turning Pro-One Year Later.”

The author, Matt Frazier, talks about his struggles in 2012, and how he had decided to “Go Pro” in just about every area of his life in 2013. He chronicles all that he accomplished, changed and learned during the past year. The paragraph that caught my attention was near the end of the post. I’m just going to quote it because it was so good.

“I write this post because too many people don’t believe change is possible. We love to point out that New Year’s is an arbitrary day for goal-setting, no different than any other day of the year. And so instead of setting goals, charting a course for our future, and having faith in ourselves (faking it if we have to) just once a year — we use this skepticism as a reason to think big zero times a year.”

Ouch. So my cynicism about setting goals for the New Year is really just a reflection of me not having faith in myself to really make a change, regardless of the date on the calendar. As Matt looked at the change that needed to happen in his life, he summed it all up in two words- he needed to “go pro” in his relationships, his business and his life. (Check out his ideas and tips at http://www.nomeatathlete.com/on-turning-pro/ )

I really needed this insight this year. I’ve been feeling run-down and uninspired, and although I’m still keeping all the balls in the air, I worry that they are going to start falling before too long. So in 2014, I’m going pro!

My goals in a nutshell – I’ll expand on these in future posts!
– Start a blog about healthy families in the real world.
– Start a gardening help site.
– Move my body more.
– Make dedicated mom time, wife time and business time.

January 1st will soon be here. Another year gone. Are there areas in your life that you need to go pro? I’ve started reading a book called “Going Pro” by Steven Pressman. It’s an interesting book that helps define what going pro means, and helps identify when you are living a “shadow life” of what you could be living. He challenges the reader by talking about everything we do in the place of going pro. We are amateurs.

For example, I get massages and take lots of supplements instead of just exercising and working out the soreness in my neck and shoulders from bending over a dental chair all day. I’m being an amateur and running away from the real issue. I need to go pro.

I read a constant stream of health and nutrition books, take classes, etc. I have a lot of stuff crammed in my brain that I could share. But my amateur self says I just don’t know enough yet. I am afraid of sharing for fear I am unqualified. According to the book, that fear is called Resistance, and you get the most Resistance from the things that you should really be doing. I need to go pro.

My challenge to you is to figure out where you need to go pro, and do it. I’m going to post next week about one habit that can help you create and keep other habits. Start small. If you succeed at one thing, it’s easier to succeed at the next. Might as well pick January 1st as the day to make a change. It’s better than making no change at all. Let’s make our 2014 the best year ever, and lets do it together!

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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