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My husband thinks I’m crazy. It’s not the first time – and probably not the last – but I think it all depends on how you’re looking at it. It started when I asked him if he would be able to kill a turkey. I think that’s a pretty straight forward question! He didn’t agree. He wanted to know why in the world he would need to kill a turkey. Well, most of you know I’m a health nut and am getting nuttier as the days go by. I want a Heritage breed turkey for Thanksgiving – this is the kind of turkey our pilgrim forefathers may have eaten. These turkeys are pasture raised and much different than the frozen variety in the grocery store. I found some turkeys for sale on ksl, but you have to buy them live, feed them for a week or two, and take care of the processing yourself. I think this is great. You can’t get turkey much fresher than that. My husband wasn’t quite as excited.

Next came the goat and the lamb. I told my daughter we were buying a goat and a lamb and she was thrilled. She wanted to know what we were going to name them. Well…they will probably be called things like “leg of lamb” and “goat chops”. I had to let her down gently and tell her they would be wrapped in white packages in the freezer, not eating my weeds in the back yard. Again, my husband wanted to know why in the world we were getting a goat and a lamb.

Well, it all comes down to that health thing again. We are working hard to eat cleanly, and my son’s special diet requires us to eat meat without hormones, antibiotics, etc. I figure the best way to get that kind of meat is to buy something that has been grazing on a hillside far, far away from any of us. That goat, lamb and turkey all fit the bill. So I am probably crazy, but this turkey discussion does make sense if you’re looking at it the right way.

Next time you come into Total Care Dental, you might think we are doing something new and crazy too. I’m here to tell you it all depends on how you look at it. I attended a meeting in Chicago last weekend to learn more about how to help people with jaw issues. I ended up coming home with more knowledge, and something that will benefit all of you. I would like to introduce the Total Care Dental exclusive “40 point Dental Physical”. We will be checking 40 different areas in your head,neck and mouth every time we do an exam for you. I know what you’re thinking- why in the world would I need to look at 40 different things in your mouth?!? It all comes down to that health thing again. Let me explain…

Today was the first day we have been offering a Dental Physical. I was stumbling a bit on how to talk about it, and I’m sure I didn’t explain what I was doing well enough, but one patient today may be very thankful that she had that 40 point check. I always do an oral cancer screening at every exam visit, but it’s typically a screening. As part of this new Dental Physical, I do more than just a screening. While doing this for one patient today, she asked about a sore on her upper lip. It had been there for months and it got flaky sometimes. Lips are a very common area for oral cancer because lips often get sunburned. I told her I would like a dermatologist to look at it, and encouraged her to follow up. Now, the chances of this being cancerous are low, but if it is cancer, the sooner you find it, the better. Today’s dental physical may even have saved a life. That’s looking at it the right way.

So, please request the Total Care 40 point Dental Physical next time you come in. It takes a little time (I promise I’ll work on getting faster), but that is time well spent. The other good news – we are going to be doing this for no extra charge for all of our patients. So I may be a little crazy, but it all depends on how you look at it. I can’t wait to see you for your Dental Physical. Maybe I’ll have processed my own Thanksgiving turkey by then! Happy Fall everyone!

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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