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Last weekend I went to a retreat that I look forward to all year! Being a woman dentist in Utah is a lonely thing sometimes. I am often the only woman at local dental meetings (there is one advantage – during break time the MENS bathroom line is out the door!), and there are few dentists around that really understand what it’s like to run a dental business and be a mom too. That’s why I loved last weekend!

Eight years ago I joined an all-woman dental Mastermind group with four other women dentists. We’ve since added one more, and now the six of us talk on the phone every other month, and meet for a three day retreat once a year. It is an amazing group of powerhouse women from all over – Nashville, Iowa, Utah (me!), Vancouver Canada, northern California and San Diego. We come in every shape and size and color and are so different…yet so alike (see the photo of five of us below)!

We take turns hosting the retreat and this year we were just south of San Francisco, right on the beach. It was a beautiful place to be, but the best part was the sharing and brainstorming that went on as we sat around in our pajamas eating kettle corn! I was refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to head home to my family and practice. That’s when the run in with the yellow cab happened!

I had a very early flight out on Sunday morning – departing at 6 am. That meant I would need to leave the house we were staying at by4:30 am. Yikes! I didn’t want the friend that was hosting to have to get up and take me to the airport that early, so I reserved a taxi to pick me up. I was all ready, sitting on my suitcase, and 4:30 came and went with no taxi. I called the company and they said they would contact the driver. Ten minutes later I called and they said the driver didn’t answer but they were dispatching another driver. Ten minutes later I called and they told me they had contacted 15 cab companies and no one had a cab for me. I was astounded!

I reserved this taxi and they completely failed me. It was now 5 am and my flight was leaving in 1 hour. I should have been at the airport by this time. I felt so awful, but I woke up my friend and she graciously sped to the airport to see if I could get there on time. A nice security person let me skip the line, and I was the last person to board my flight before they closed the doors. Talk about stress!!!

If I had not had a back up plan, I would have missed that flight. That cab company was not dependable. So this got me thinking about dependability. What do you depend on us for? Are we showing up for you, or are you left sitting on your suitcase in the middle of the night?!? I realized that you do depend on us to be a part of your health care team. Sometimes I think all of us classify dentistry as fixing teeth, but it’s really a lot more than that. If we are doing our job for you, we can help you regain and maintain health.

We want to become an active partner in your health care, so we thought there is no better time to start than the present. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. That’s not really our area of expertise…so we are going to expand it for your benefit! We are going to include Oral Cancer awareness as well. My posts this month will include important information for you about this cancer, and other health topics that pertain to women. We are also offering FREE Oral Cancer Screenings for all women- whether you are a current patient or not. This is important. I want to see all of you in my office this month! (Not to fear men – your month is November so you won’t be left out.)

Call to schedule your Oral Cancer Screening today, and watch for our team’s Top 10 Health Tips For Women next week. You can depend on us to help you with your health…more than that disappointing yellow cab!


Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

PS Are you dependable? Can people count on you? Food for thought for this week!

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