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Why do evil, yucky, bad things happen? As my husband told me about the bombings in Boston yesterday, my first thought was – isn’t there any place that we can feel safe anymore?? A young boy, about my son’s age, ran up to give his daddy a hug after running a marathon…and he lost his life. Where is the sense in this?

My first mom instinct is to pull my family close and never let them leave our home again! But as I thought about what happened, I realized that is exactly what these people want. They want to take away our happiness, security, peace and joy. If we live in fear of them and what might happen, they are in control. Imagine having the entire country waiting to see what you will do next. That’s some pretty powerful stuff, and it’s the stuff these cowards thrive on. Well, I’m not going to give it to them!

As I think about that little boy, I realize that his family had the gift of eight years with him. Every day we have, and every breath we take is a gift. We are surrounded by gifts. In memory of those that lost their lives, or had their lives seriously altered, can I ask all of you to help me fill this world with gratitude instead of fear? Look around – what gifts are blending into the background? What part of your normal life is really extraordinary?

So here’s a test I want you to take. Look around right now, and pick one thing in the room to think about. How is it a gift? Maybe it’s a lamp- which has the gift of electricity. Electricity is actually staggering…light on a dark night, heat in the middle of the winter, food cooking at the touch of a button, entertainment at any hour. I know I have never really appreciated it as the gift it is. Those dirty dishes in the sink are because I had the gift of food for dinner. Food that I didn’t have to grow or hunt or dig or ration. Homework with my kids tonight was from the gift of uncensored education for everyone, regardless of race or gender or religion. I could be up all night looking around just in this room alone!

If we let fear take over, they win. If we flood our lives with gratitude, we win. I’m thankful for the rain because my little garden seeds need a drink. I’m grateful for the person who waited while I ran across the parking lot this evening. I’m grateful to my parents for feeding my family tonight. I’m grateful for the dark because it helps me sleep…..and on and on. This is a beautiful world we live in (have you SEEN the flowers on the trees?!), filled with beautiful, loving, wacky, imperfect, incredible people. Let’s make gratitude our new normal.

Thank YOU for being a part of my life and placing your trust in my team and I. We love you and are so thankful for the opportunity to help you with your dental care. I have a challenge for you. Tell five people you are thankful for them today, then think of five things that you’ve forgotten to be thankful for in your world. If we fill the world with grateful energy, the fear and terror and uncertainty will not have a place here. My heart hurts for those injured and their family members. Let’s work to make a difference in their world and ours. Look for gifts and look for love.

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

PS THANK YOU for coming to the wonderful “Never Be Sick Again” workshop we had last night! We had a great time and we hope you did too!

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