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It was my mom’s birthday this week, so in typical “me” fashion, while out running errands I tried to multi-task buying her birthday present. I was in the health food store buying frozen fruit for our green smoothies, and thought I could probably find something that would work for a present there (so I didn’t have to go to another store.) While I was browsing, the clerk asked if she could help. I explained about the birthday and asked if she had any ideas. My daughter, Liza, was shopping with me and overheard this. She turned to me with a horrified expression on her face and exclaimed “You CAN”T buy her a birthday present here!” She told me that I had to buy her shoes, jewelry or a purse. Those were the only choices. Seeing I was about to make a huge mistake, we loaded into the car and went to buy her appropriate presents – some very sparkly heeled flip flops and a bracelet with bling to match.

When we gave my mom the presents, I told her that Liza was taking care of her. Liza turned to her and said, “Yeah grandma – you could have had SPINACH for your birthday!!” Now, Liza and my mom have a special thing going on. They like chocolate and jewelry and being “fancy”. These are loves I don’t particularly share! Just today Liza told my mom that she doesn’t know what she would do without her as a grandma. This is particularly touching for us because Liza is adopted – she got this grandma through miracles instead of through birth. They are two peas in a pod!!

This got me thinking. Liza and I get along great and have lots of fun together, but I’m simply not a “fancy mom”. I’d much rather have dirt under my fingernails then get my fingernails done! Life is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. It’s a beautiful picture made up of many small pieces. If I were the only one in Liza’s life, there would be some important pieces missing in her picture. My mom fills in some of those pieces (the fancy ones with rhinestones!). My mother in law fills in the cat-loving pieces, her brothers fill in the hide-and-seek pieces… everyone in her life adds a piece or two, and that makes her life complete.

Wouldn’t the world be boring if we were all the same? What if everyone DID appreciate a fresh bunch of spinach for their birthday?? We know diversity is good…so why do we get so frustrated with others when they don’t act the way we think they should? I recently read a quote that said if you’re trying to mold your kids to act just like you, you’re very selfish. You’re basically declaring that you’re the best and everyone else needs to shape up. That made me really pause for a moment. What if Liza wanting chocolate chips on her oatmeal is okay after all? Just because the thought makes me cringe doesn’t mean it’s not okay for her (as long as she quickly brushes her teeth afterwards!).
Who in your life fills in your missing pieces? Perhaps it’s someone who is strong in an area you are weak. I am impulsive and a little crazy. My husband is steady and deliberate. The piece I’m missing, he fills in nicely – and I like to think I fill in a piece or two for him. Do we appreciate the differences in people around us, or do we get frustrated because people don’t do things “our way”? I challenge you to look at the people in your life in a different way this week. I want you to see what piece they are filling for you. Thank them for making your life more complete and think of a way you can fill in a piece for them. Let’s work together to make this world vibrant and alive and full of acceptance and love. Thank you for making my life more complete. You fill in pieces for me and I love you for it!

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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PPS If you’re interested in Organic Gardening, I’m teaching a class this Thursday – March 28th at 7 pm at Karen’s Energy Store in Draper. The address is 748 East Pioneer Road (it’s right off of 7th East and 123rd South.) I’ll teach everything from a compost sack with two tomato plants to full scale raised beds or in the ground gardening. Fun!

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