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You know all the sayings – “Go big or go home”, “Do it all the way or not at all”, and so on. These are the kinds of things we hear on those tear-jerker sports movies! Well, I think we’ve all come to believe that’s the way we have to do everything in life, and I don’t agree anymore! Here’s my big AHA moment…

I’m a continuing education junkie. When young up-and-comings ask me how long it takes to become a dentist, I tell them I don’t know – I’m not done yet! I go to hundreds of hours of classes each year, and some of those hours came this weekend. I spent a rainy three days in Seattle learning from a dental genius named Dr. John Kois. I started the meeting a little discouraged. Many of you have big dental needs or big dental wants, and you don’t have the big dental wallet to match. This is frustrating for me. I wish we didn’t have to worry about money, and I could just help everyone get what they want or need! I thought world-famous Dr. Kois would never have this problem. I was sure every patient of his would sell their first born if necessary so he could do their dental work for them! I was wrong. His patients have life and money struggles, just like all of you.

We spent all three days learning how to do things half-way. Not half-way quality, but half of the work, or less, at a time. I know of many of you that would love to have your smile back, but it’s just too much to do all at once. Well I have the answer. The key is planning for everything, then taking manageable steps as slowly or as quickly as you would like to get your end goal (and doing those steps the right way). I sat there in the class thinking of many of you and feeling anxious to talk again! If you’re one of these ‘I want-my-smile but it’s too expensive’ people, PLEASE call! I have some new ideas for you to get your smile in an affordable, timely way. I can’t wait!

So as always, I started looking for this concept in other areas of life, and started seeing it everywhere! How many times have you given up on an exercise program because you can’t work out all five days a week. You start a new diet plan and eat a piece of cake – might as well throw in the towel on the whole thing. We are so tough on ourselves, and often what it means is that we don’t end up doing anything at all. I heard a life-coach speak about this, and I love her advice. She said to not expect much out of yourself at first. Your should choose only one goal, and it should be for one week. Let’s say you want to wake up early and read for 30 minutes before your day starts (oh – that’s my goal!). You should set yourself a week long target. For me, I will get up early three days during the week. That’s it. I don’t have any commitment beyond that week. Can I do it – probably. I can usually do anything for one week! Then I do it again next week if that’s still important, or a choose another.

Here’s the key – if I don’t meet my goal for the week, the week’s over anyway, and I get to start over and set another one for next week. No giving up entirely on your goal, no beating yourself up, just set another one and try again. I love this concept of half-way. It feels a little wimpy, but if you set and achieve even 50% of your week long goals, you’ve spent half of your year in serious self improvement. Now that’s worth doing half way!

Call if you would like to get a custom Baby Steps plan for your smile. 801-756-3737. I can’t wait to talk with you soon!

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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