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Something that you may not know about me is that I love to read. Actually, let me say it another way – I REALLY love to read! It’s my reward to myself at night. Tonight, if I get this email written in the next twenty minutes, I get 30 minutes to read. That gets my fingers typing! So what do I read? What’s your guess? Nearly everything you would guess (except steamy romance novels!), would be on the list. I love to learn and if I find a topic I like, I scour the library or Amazon for anything else related. My big problem is that I like everything, so I’m usually reading 3 or 4 books at once!

Here’s the current lineup:

  • The Hip Chick’s Guide to MacrobioticsJessica Porter– This is a fun and crazy book about using food to heal and fuel our bodies. It talks about the energy in food and how we can use that energy. If you’re feeling stressed out and spread thin, eat brown rice, which is very grounding and centering. If you need a quick lift of energy, eat fruit that grows up on trees. Lots of deep thoughts from this one!
  • Gaia’s GardenToby Hemenway– This is an amazing textbook on Permaculture Gardening. This is gardening the way nature intended it. If you clear a patch of ground in a flower bed, nature will immediately work to fill it with “Pioneer Plants” – better known to you and I as weeds! Permaculture helps you garden in a way that works with nature, so you have less maintenance, more productivity, and your garden with be self-sustaining (do you see anyone doing fall cleanup in the forest?? So how does it survive?!) This is my Spring project for my new yard!
  • The Parenting BreakthroughMarilee Boyack– Reading this one for the third time. This is my number one recommendation for parenting books. It teaches you to raise independent children that will be able to survive, and thrive, after they leave your home. I read it about once a year.
  • The Four Hour BodyTim Ferris– Okay, this one is incredibly intriguing. It is based on the idea of Minimum Effective Dose. It gives the example of suntanning. If the tanning reaction in your skin kicks in after 15 minutes in the sun, laying out for 60 minutes won’t do anything more for you – except maybe give you a sunburn. The book says that exercise is the same way. If you work out for 15 minutes in the right way, it may do you more good than that 90 minute exercise video. The book gives custom plans for everything from a flatter stomach to how to run faster, and the plans can be done in about four hours a month. Yes, I said that right!!!
  • The Myth of MultitaskingDave Crenshaw– This is the business book we are reading together at Total Care Dental right now. A lot of us are proud of our multitasking abilities (I know I was- I’m GOOD at it!). But this book quickly shows that multitasking is a myth- it isn’t possible. What we are really doing is Switch-tasking. The problem is the recovery time when you go between tasks – how long it takes you to remember what you were doing. So when switch-tasking, you get less done, and the quality of your work is lower. Quick read that has made a huge difference in my personal and business life.

Why in the world did I share this with you?? I had personal interviews with some team members at TCD today, and Cinda shared something with me that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside! She said that the things I teach and share with my team at the dental office have influenced her, helped her, and made every part of her life better. That’s why I love my job! Not only can I help all of you improve your health and confidence, but I have the opportunity to improve lives. Wow. So I realized I have been holding out on you by not sharing! This is the first edition of Michelle’s faves.

Now don’t you hold out on me either. I’d love to hear about your favorite books, your experience with any I’ve shared, and ideas for future topics we could study together. Let’s all teach each other. It’s like a net full of butterflies. When you let them go, their influence and beauty goes beyond where you can see or touch. Together, we can change lives!

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