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Music has always been a big part of my life. I began taking piano lessons from my mom when I was a little girl, and I didn’t always love it. I actually hated it sometimes – like the times my mom would yell “wrong note” from the kitchen while I practiced. How did she know it was the wrong note?? She couldn’t see the music! My whole purpose in practicing was to get perfect so she couldn’t tell me I was wrong. I guess everyone has their own form of motivation!

Well, you know those times your mom tells you, “I hope you have a daughter just like you”. It’s happened. My daughter is taking piano lessons, and (shame, shame) I yell “wrong note” to her now. She flops all over the piano bench and says she hates piano and wants to stop taking lessons. In the heat of the moment last week, I made a very big mistake. I told her she couldn’t quit, and that in our home we take lessons until we are 18. She nearly lost it. Now instead of merely crying about piano, she sobs about having to take lessons until age 18. Oh the joy!

So here’s the scene at our home in the mornings. My two boys both begin practicing at 6:00 AM- two pianos, two different songs going at the same time. You get the picture. As soon as they are done, my daughter starts. Crying, pounding the piano keys, laying on the floor, amidst the “Twinkle Twinkle” songs. This is all before breakfast. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything- I love music!

Music speaks to people in a way that nothing else can. I look forward to Christmas just for the music. It’s my secret weapon in the car. If the kids are rowdy, I put all my Christmas music on shuffle over the speakers and the quiet begins. It truly is the only thing keeping us sane through this crazy season. It helps me remember again the reason we celebrate (why is it so easy to forget?).

The kids have their Christmas recital this week, and I’m a little bummed. No more “Up on the Housetop” and “We Three Kings” for my alarm clock. I think we will have to have an old-fashioned sing along to keep the spirit going until Christmas. So if you’re struggling to feel the true spirit of Christmas this year, turn up the music, go to a concert, plunk out a few notes on a piano, and let the magic begin!

Enjoy the music!
Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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