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All I want for Christmas is a house with floors (yes, we haven’t moved in yet…), and really good locks! Why locks? Well, I’m getting a little freaked out. We got a flyer on our new door about a neighborhood watch meeting, so we decided to attend. The meeting was run by two police officers, and they were answering questions about the 15+ recent break-ins in my new neighborhood. What kind of neighborhood am I moving to?? There was all kinds of talk about keeping windows and doors locked at all times, watching each other’s property, etc. One older gentleman even asked if it was legal for him to use a baseball bat to break the legs of an intruder if they were on his land!?!

So this was my mindset going into this Christmas season- that people just can’t be trusted and that I better keep my family and stuff locked up tight. Then I started Christmas shopping. Now, I’m going to share a secret about me. I am a bargain shopper, and I hate to buy anything new. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true. I think there is so much “stuff” in our world already, why don’t we all just trade it around and reuse it?? I’ve been waiting my whole life for KSL. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re missing out!! On the internet there is a site called ksl.com where you can sell all of your “stuff”. It’s like a garage sale without the garage! It feels like a great big treasure hunt for me and I love it. Everything my kids are getting for Christmas has come from ksl this year. Barbie toys, legos, bows and arrows- you name it, it’s on there. Yesterday I went KSL-ing (a new word I invented!), and I found something other than Christmas gifts. I found a new belief in people.

Friends have asked how I dare meet people, or go to their homes (or let them come to mine). Aren’t I worried? That’s the amazing thing about this. I’ve met some of the most interesting, kind, giving people through my KSL shopping adventures. The trend continued yesterday. A nine year old girl selling her Barbie things, and searching for every last little piece of plastic “ice” to go with the cruise ship she sold to me. A busy mom who was willing to drive to McDonalds to meet me last minute and make the lego trade in the parking lot. A gentleman who gave his personal gurantee on a stove top- and told me to keep his number in case anything didn’t work. We don’t know each other, and yet we laugh, and smile, and shake hands and trust. We live in a wonderful place full of wonderful people.

So this Christmas season, smile at strangers, visit a neighbor you don’t know- shop on KSL! Get a taste of the amazing people that are all around us. And if someone wants to break into my house and steal my stuff – at least I didn’t pay full price for it!!

Have a wonderful holiday!
Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

PS Remember our inflation-free pricing this month. Everything at 5-year ago prices. Schedule before Dec. 15th and complete work through January 30th for the deal! Don’t wait. We are almost full already!

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