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Okay, why did no one warn me? (Or if you did, why didn’t you make me listen?!) I definitely have a story to tell this week.

After looking for over a year, my family found an older home close to work and school that we fell in love with. We knew we had a few weeks to update the house before we closed on our existing home, so we decided to do some remodeling. That’s what I needed to be warned about… apparently, there’s no such thing as a “little” remodel. One thing turned into another, and another, and the icing on the cake came on Friday. Our contractor took out a small wall next to the kitchen tile floor, and his foot went through the sub floor below. Black mold.

I don’t know much about black mold, but I know if you say you have it, everyone scrunches up their forehead, shakes their head and says, “Oh no!” Basically, it’s bad stuff, and it has to come out. So, out went my kitchen floor. I didn’t love the tile anyway… The crazy thing is we would have never known it was there if we hadn’t torn out a wall. It could have ruined the entire floor, and affected our health, and we couldn’t even see it.

I didn’t tell you this to get sympathy – there is a point to the story!! You know you’re a real dental nerd when black mold around your tile floor reminds you of teeth somehow. Well, it did. I see so many old black silver/mercury fillings that look a little bit like the black mold on my floor. Often, they are old enough that they have lost their seal. They are leaking and rotting your teeth, and you don’t even know it’s happening. It doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t always hurt, so you have no way of knowing if you have a problem or not. If you have old silver/mercury fillings, make sure to have us check them carefully for leakage when you get your next checkup. It’s not worth risking your health and your teeth for old black fillings!

Well, we are moving this weekend – into the basement! The main floor is down to plywood and bare sheetrock and covered in an inch of construction dust. We are chalking this up as an adventure, and know it will be great if it’s ever done!! Hope to see you soon!

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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