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Last year my twin boys were in 7th grade. Now, I’ve been in 7th grade, and I don’t have a lot of fond memories of that year. New school, new friends with girl-DRAMA, and my mom was still cutting my hair (that explains the mullet look I was sporting!). I was dreading this rite of passage for my boys…until I met their teacher, Mrs. Updike. The first time I spoke with her I told her she would be getting a double dose of Jorgensen’s that year. She looked at me with a sparkle in her eye and said, “I can’t wait- I just love 7th grade boys!”

She didn’t look sick, so I had to believe she meant it. Throughout the year I found out she loves 7th grade girls and boys – and loves teaching them about the important things. Responsibility. Hard Work. Struggle. Honesty. Fun. I wanted to have a do-over and have her for my teacher this time around! It was a very tough year academically, but my little boys transformed into young men under the loving guidance of Mrs. Updike.

Now why in the world did I share this with you? Well, Mrs. Updike and I spent some time together in the last few weeks. I got to share what I love with her – and that is restoring smiles! I love helping people feel confident about their smile again, so they can share more of themselves with the world. I have been privileged to learn how to restore smiles from the best in the world, and now after hundreds of hours of continuing education training, I am now teaching others what I have learned.

I held a Durathin Veneer education course at Total Care Dental on Friday. I mentored and taught dentists from Utah and Idaho about this fantastic and life changing service. I had the opportunity to restore a smile for the course – to show the other dentists hands-on how to complete the procedures. I figured if anyone knew about teaching, it was Mrs. Updike! I was so excited to help a beautiful, giving, loving woman get a beautiful new Durathin smile! I’m attaching her before picture…so you will have to catch my post next week to see the final smile!

If you or someone you know is hiding behind a smile they don’t love, let’s talk. Life is too short to waste a moment feeling less confident than you deserve. Durathins are incredible – in some cases, there is no numbing, no temporaries, and I don’t have to take any of your tooth away. It is the most conservative, most beautiful dentistry I’ve ever seen. I’m so blessed to know people like Mrs. Updike and am so blessed to help change smiles and lives. I get to do what I love every day!!

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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