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Who are the angels in your life?

In last week’s post I mentioned my running-phenom of a Grandpa. They live in St. George, so while my family and I were in town for Fall Break enjoying the sun, we called Grandpa Coles to see if they were home. I called at 7:10 pm, and they were in bed… Grandpa told me they would put on their robes and we could still come. Grandpa is over 90, and Grandma is close behind, so they deserve to go to bed when they want- right? Well, Grandma cleared it up for me when we got there. “I knew we shouldn’t have gotten undressed yet tonight,” she said, “but we were so bored, and we were tired of looking at each other, so we decided we might as well just go to bed!”

Now you need a little background. Grandma has some dementia and it gets worse at night, (she asked my kids how old they were at least ten times while we were there), but she still has some spit in her! Grandpa is taking care of her, and doing a mighty fine job of it, despite not being able to hear or see very well (as evidenced by the many gray whiskers Grandma was sporting!). As a physician in the military, he was gone alot during their younger years. She cared for their eight children and ran the house. I remember they would get after each other at times, and we all wondered how they would do when it was only the two of them.

That brings me to the sweetest moment in our visit with them this weekend. We were chatting about family and running marathons (he ran his last one at age 78 we figured – he won his 75+ age group three times, being the only one crazy enough to run at that age!) Out of the blue he stopped, looked tenderly at my Grandma, and said “Isn’t she just an angel…” It choked me up a bit. Grandpa is an unemotional man of science, and I had never heard him say anything like that. They are both angels to each other.

It made me think about the angels that I overlook in the crazy, busy life I lead. My sweet husband Steve puts up with me and my whims and moods. My four little children are angels that I won’t have in my home for much longer. They bring such joy to my life and I need to enjoy it more. I am surrounded by angels at the dental office. The team members that help me are truly blessings, and most of them have worked with me for 10+ years. The love and compassion they have for all of you astounds and humbles me every day. They all have challenges and struggles personally, but when they are caring for you, they CARE for you.

You are also an angel to us. Your trust, friendship and willingness to share your life with us is a blessing we treasure. That’s the great thing about dentistry – we get to really know you, and that makes what we do even more special to us. Who are the angels in your life? If you’re like me, you may be overlooking them during your crazy days. Take a moment to think about it, and you may be suprised to find you’re surrounded by angels too…

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