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For as long as I can remember, the first weekend in October has meant spaghetti dinners, pancake breakfasts, watching intently for loved ones, sweat and hopefully not too many tears. The first weekend in October is the St. George, Utah marathon, and someone from our family is always running.

It started with my Grandpa Coles. A die hard runner, I have fond memories of him cutting the toes out of his running shoes so he wouldn’t get blisters. He would run and my Grandma would ride along side on her bicycle. Four of their children, and many, many grandchildren have taken up the torch, including my dad. He’s going on his twenty-something time running this marathon, and I’m always amazed. He ran with two of my younger brothers this year, and he wasn’t too far behind, even at age 62. He’s slowing down some, but not much…

I joked that he needs to slow down another 10-20 minutes and I might actually be able to run with him. That was a big mistake – now he thinks it’s a great idea! I’m no stranger to the finish line at the marathon, but I’m always there as a spectator and cheerleader. Is it time for me to lace up my shoes??

This got me thinking about slowing down. He might be going slower, but it allows me to run with him. I think marathons are a little bit like life. My dad is my mentor and the person I’ve looked up to and learned from in dentistry. I’ve been trying to catch up to him my entire career! Well, I figured out I’ll never catch up, but he is slowing down enough allow us to run together in dentistry too. Have you heard the good news?!

I’m so happy to tell everyone that Dr. Coles is back!! Things are a little different- he works for me now (isn’t that funny!), but the dentistry is just as amazing as ever. We are working together to care for you. Some of his specialties – IV sedation and oral surgery (he’s brilliant at taking out wisdom teeth). He’s been having a great time reacquainting himself with everyone – make sure you say hi next time you are in! And if you’re a runner…maybe I’ll see you at the marathon next year!

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