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How do you visit the state famous for “cheeseheads” and not sample any cheese? That’s what I wondered when I arrived at the Nature’s Garden Health and Wellness Center retreat just ouside of Milwaukee. This was my crazy idea – the 2012 version of an annual Women’s Dental retreat I look forward to every year. There are six of us, from all over the US and Canada, and for the past seven years we’ve talked, laughed, learned and shared together.

In past years we’ve hosted each other in our home towns, but this year I got a hair-brained idea to do something different. I learned about this wellness retreat and asked the others if they were up for it. Why should they be scared?? Well, we ate 100% vegan, raw food for the entire weekend!! We learned about our insides and outsides (perhaps more than I wanted to know…), and talked about energy and wellness. No cheese in sight, but boy did I learn alot!

Their first recommendation was to drink a quart of room temperature water with a lemon squeezed in it first thing in the morning. Our bodies are on cleanup mode during this time and it helps flush out all the yucky stuff. Lemons? Doesn’t this eat teeth away?? We all commented that we are seeing more and more teeth that are getting eaten away – by acid from somewhere. We learned it’s often not from the food itself (lemons, etc), but it is from what the food does in our body. Veggies and fruits are all alkaline in our bodies. That means they are opposite from acidic. Our bodies like to be alkaline. Unfortunately, sugar, meat and dairy products are acidic. So, if your teeth are getting more sensitive, thinner or chipping, look at you diet. Maybe you need to add alkaline foods to what you eat.

I could talk about this forever, but I won’t! Ask me about it next time you come in if you or someone you know is noticing sensitivity or tooth changes. I’ll share with you the chart that shows which foods are acidic and which are alkaline. Good stuff!

I lived through three days of raw food, actually liked it… and am home to torture my kids with “our” new way of eating! Don’t you wish you lived in our home! Happy eating and I’ll see you soon!

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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