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How to Have Mercury Amalgam Teeth Fillings Removed Safely

Mercury is very toxic to humans. Yet dental practitioners have used mercury based teeth fillings since the 1800’s to fill cracks and tooth decay in teeth. Mercury amalgam teeth fillings they are under fire due to a common belief that they are unsafe and may cause mercury poisoning. Though science hasn’t proven amalgam teeth fillings safe or unsafe, many patients have made the decision to exchange old mercury teeth fillings with composite teeth fillings as a precaution. The entire process of getting rid of mercury amalgam may release mercury vapor in to the surrounding air. Precautions should automatically be taken to avoid elevated exposure when getting them removed.


  1. Call your dentist’s office to schedule an appointment to go over removing your amalgam teeth fillings. Write down the reasons you wish to have your teeth fillings removed prior to going, just in case your dental professional opposes their removal. Be ready to select a different physician in case your dental professional will not remove your teeth fillings. Select a “natural” dental professional, should you switch because they are focused on amalgam options and getting rid of existing teeth fillings safely.
  2. Stick to the immunity-building and detoxification advice of the dental professional prior to the filling removal. This usually includes a course of certain minerals and vitamins made to help the body rid itself of mercury launched throughout the removal, in addition to mercury within your body from current exposure.
  3. Insist your dental professional take precautions to protect you against mercury exposure during your appointment, by utilizing a rubber dam inside your mouth, covering your clothing and skin, and delivering you fresh air via a nose mask. Breathe only using your nose throughout filling removal to prevent inhaling mercury vapor.
  4. Remove your clothing and have a shower when you get home from your filling removal appointment to lessen mercury absorption.
  5. Stick to the detoxing advice out of your dental professional to carry on getting rid of mercury out of your body after the filling has been removed.

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