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Many people ask about dental implants, and why they should consider them if they have dentures. They wonder about the benefits of having dental implants versus sticking with the dentures they already have.

The best and most obvious benefit is the enhanced ability to chew. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to chew and enjoy your food more then you have in years. Dental implants give you back most of your natural chewing ability-up to 90% with 4-6 implants. The painful chewing that goes along with dentures that come in and out is eliminated with implants. The chewing pressure goes onto the implants instead of onto your gums – getting rid of denture rubbing and sores. This is how you used to chew before you lost your teeth.

Another major benefit is that you may looking better. With regular dentures, your lips and cheeks often look “sunken in” and you look older than you are. The longer you have dentures, the older you look. With implant dentures, your face can be filled out again, and some of the wrinkles even go away! The implant dentures are much more comfortable and you can speak better, which all lead to you feeling better about yourself.

Pat Newton was an active grandmother that never smiled. “My grandkids thought I was unhappy even though I’m a really happy person on the inside. I was too embarrassed about my teeth to smile. After getting new teeth from Dr. Jorgensen, now my outsides match my insides. I never realized how important teeth are.” Does this sound familiar? There are 9 million people with dentures, and most of them are very unhappy with them. Now there’s a better way.

If you’re ready to feel better about yourself, chew better, talk better and look better, Dr. Jorgensen’s Implant Denture Methods are for you! You deserve it!

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