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201005_Health_GrnSmoothie3_-_Silvana_EvansIf you haven’t already heard, here’s some fun news. Total Care Dental was selected for a Green Smoothie Girl Makeover. It’s our journey to better health through Whole Foods and Green Smoothies. And it is a journey!! We have been filmed learning how to make some of these lifestyle changes. It’s a 8 week ride, and we are about 2 weeks into it. We wanted to share what we are learning with all of you, and hope you will share back.

The Good, the Bad and the UGLY…

Let’s get the UGLY out of the way at the beginning. There has been a gas epidemic at the office, and it’s not laughing gas… Apparently all of our systems are getting used to roughage! Hopefully this phase passes quickly (pun intended!)

On to the Good. We’ve been making green smoothies at the office every day. I think some of us are getting addicted, and at times it’s scary! Some people get the shakes waiting for their hit of green in the morning, and the smoothies are a very hot commodity. If you aren’t in the break room when it’s made, too bad. By Thursday, we’re running out of produce, so anything that’s left in the fridge get’s thrown in. You drink those smoothies at your own risk. We’ve had warts fall off (Dr. J), running records broken (Jilene), push up contests at work (check out our Facebook for the video), and energy like never before. I told them they were like a bunch of ping pong balls in a tiny room – bouncing all over the place. You can’t help but get hit by it sometimes!

And last, and very least is the Bad. Some are breaking out, most of us are feeling a little bloated, and two of us (Julie and Dr. J) are gaining weight. That’s not on the plan!! We’re hitting the water, picking up the exercise, and considering doing the green smoothie cleanse.

As you all know, we are busy working parents. This has been a little overwhelming to implement, but we’re figuring it out. This has been the quick update, but look for other posts with ideas on how to make this a Lifestyle change for your family – because we’ve decided that’s what it’s going to be for the Total Care Dental team.

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