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Time, time, time. Why is it we never seem to have enough?? So how do you find the time for all of this whole foods stuff?? Some of Dr. J’s tricks:

  • time-managementAlways make green smoothies. I always do my laundry, always brush my teeth (have to set the example!), and now I always make green smoothies. No debate!! Have all the stuff ready and in the fridge. If it’s there, you’ll use it. I found a used fridge in online classifieds for $75 and it looks brand new! It’s my green smoothie garage fridge. I can always see when I’m low on green smoothie makin’s.
  • Get your family on board. I’m not ashamed to tell you I paid my kids to drink the first 30 smoothies! $1 per day. After that, they’re asking me for it- really!
  • Chop veggies at night after the kids are in bed. My crockpot is my friend – I even have two of them! On work days I make a crockpot meal the night before. Get the kids to bed and start to chop. It’s actually relaxing. Keep it refrigerated until the morning, and plug it in as you leave. It makes it a lot easier to make good choices after a long tiring day at work if it’s already cooking on my counter when I get home.
  • Two week menus. I know this sounds a little obsessive, but that’s how life has to be at our house! I plan menus for two weeks, so I always know what’s for dinner, and I always have everything on hand. I post it on the fridge along with the recipes, so my family can help out when I’m pressed for time.
  • Don’t do too much at once. I went a little crazy at first and my family stopped eating anything, and complained about everything. I had to choose what steps I wanted to focus on and let the others go for awhile. I focused on green smoothies – now an every morning habit, salads – some incredible yummy ones in green smoothie girl’s manual (and her dressings make all the difference in getting everyone to like them), and breakfast- prepped the night before too.
  • Shop once a week. I hate to shop. Really. But I get star struck with all the wonderful, colorful produce and find myself drawn to it more often than I wanted! This one has been hard with all the produce, but I try to plan so I’m not running to the store every day. That costs time and money.

More to come… Today I made some yummy Asian noodle stir fry for lunch and a delicious hearty Veggie Chili for dinner. I’ll share the recipes soon. I’d love to hear your time saving tricks.

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