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cracked-filling-300x225I had a great question today from a really health conscious patient. She asked how I feel about silver fillings and whether I take them out or not. Here’s the truth – I do take them out. But not because they will cure your MS, or because you will feel better when they are gone. (Those things might happen, but I don’t promise or even suggest they might.) I take them out because very simply, they destroy your teeth.

It’s physics 101 – metal expands and contracts with heat and cold. So, you eat some hot soup and chase it with a drink of ice water. Hot, cold, hot, cold. Expand, contract, expand, contract. Your tooth does not expand and contract the same way. What does this all lead to? Cracked teeth. Yep, look at the tooth surrounding any silver filling you might have. You will see cracks all over the place. If the filling is large enough, it will crack off a chunk of tooth (think iceberg). And if the cracks get big enough, a gap forms between the tooth and the filling(think Grand Canyon), bacteria crawl in = cavity . And the cavity is under the filling, where you can’t clean it. This is a recipe for toothaches.

Enough said? So, will it make you feel better if you get your silver fillings out? I don’t know. Will it help your teeth be stronger and last longer? No question. Thanks for bringing this up today Cindy!

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