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What is a weekend without some homework? My daughter Meg and I put together a book report featuring the author of our national anthem Francis Scott Key. Her project- an oral report along with a sculpture.

At a young age Francis Scott Key had the opportunity to meet George Washington. This meeting left such an impression on young Francis that he told his sister that one day he would do something great for his country. During the war of 1812 Francis had gone to rescue a dear friend that had been taken captive by the British. Aboard a British warship he witnessed the bombing of Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland. The British rained bombs and rockets down on the fort for some 24 hours. As the morning fog lifted Francis saw the American flag still waving over the fort and received his inspiration to write the words to the Star Spangle banner.

Dr. Babcock where are you going with this-

At a young age Francis meet George Washington. Most people are familiar with the fact that our first president wore dentures. Most people incorrectly think those dentures were made of wood. Who knows what George’s teeth were really made of?

**The first correct answer wins a $10 gift certificate for lunch on us!

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