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The Five Myths about Teeth Whitening:

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  1. Those “laser whitening” systems are pricey, but worth it… You’ll be glad to know this isn’t true. The tray-whitening you do at home is just as effective (and maybe longer lasting.)
  2. No pain, no gain goes for teeth whitening too… Whitening can cause sensitivity, but you can put fluoride gel in your whitening trays to combat the “ouch”. (Ask the dentist about the gel.)
  3. If I drink lots of coffee or colas whitening won’t do any good… It’s true that brown drinks will darken your pearly whites, but whitening will help. Just stick with it!
  4. If you bleach your teeth once, it will stay that way forever… Sorry, this one isn’t true either. You do have to do maintenance whitening – but only about once every 6 months.
  5. Grocery store whiteners don’t work… Well, one brand does work. Crest Whitestrips are actually pretty good whiteners, but they only cover the front six teeth. If you can see more teeth than that when you smile, see the dentist for custom trays. Happy Whitening!! (michelle@wordpress-222042-744591.cloudwaysapps.com for questions)

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