fb pixel Spring Break… But No More Springing Leaks | Total Care Dental

There’s nothing like a nice Spring Break to recharge right? It comes at the right time, every year. In Utah, we’re still getting snowed on. So we decided to head to a warmer climate.

The office is getting redone as we speak so we should come home to a new office. If you remember, we had a horrible flood that all started from our washing machine. We’ve been working feverishly with the insurance company and the contractors to get the office back to it’s sparkly clean and organized old self.

And this week it happens… So no more leaks please. Knock on wood, cross your fingers.

We’re all really excited about the changes we’re making in the office. You won’t want to miss them. Hopefully you’re coming in enough that you’ll notice what we’ve changed. If not, come take a look and we’ll give you a little mini-tour. It’s like Christmas but in April. Last weekend was Easter. This week still feels like the holidays.

I hope you all are doing fantastic and that you’re staying warm during spring break 🙂

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