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We got an email from a patient the other day. She’s from Benjamin, Utah. That’s a bit far away from our little American Fork office, but she raved about us nonetheless. I can’t say we don’t like it when we get notes like this sent our way:

I actually look forward to going to the dentist for the first time ever…

Dr. Jorgensen has been my dentist now for 6 or 7 years. I came to her very unhappy with the shape of my teeth and my veneers that never lasted long. I never had a great experience with the dentist before her and was amazed when she completed a bite study on my teeth and discovered that they only met in one place when I bit down. The simple chewing of food was destroying my teeth. the work that she did on my teeth was nothing short of a miracle and they look great now, the porcelain crowns are doing so great and I am so happy with her level of expertise and detail orientation. It has made all the difference.

I had been reading about how important it was to get rid of mercury fillings and was so excited to find a dentist that believed that way long before it was in the news and knew how to safely extract them. Even though I moved o the other end of the county four years ago and the gas prices are high, I just can’t take switching anywhere else. They are always so cheerful and pleasant to be around that I find I actually look forward to going to the dentist for the first time ever.

Kandy Rogers
Benjamin, Utah

Thanks Kandy for dropping us a line!

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