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The health care bill just passed. No doubt this brings mixed emotions for a lot of you. I just wanted to let you know about some changes that you can expect on the dental side of things.

A lot of people talk about the massive changes that will take affect regarding health insurance, but lest we forget, dental insurance is wrapped up in the bill as well.

The ADHA has worked closely with lawmakers to help shape the bill. So how did it turn out? Here’s a quote from an article posted by www.medicalnewstoday.com about the bill:

“HR. 3590 contains a number of oral health provisions including a mandatory oral health benefit for children (up to age 21) as part of any essential benefits package offered through health insurance exchanges called for in the bill. The legislation also recognizes dental hygienists as primary oral health providers through the inclusion of dental hygiene providers, students, and education programs as eligible entities for workforce development funds. Additionally, the legislation provides for 15 demonstration grants to train or employ alternative dental health care providers to evaluate emerging workforce models that improve access to oral health care. Public health dental hygienists, independent dental hygienists, advanced practice dental hygienists, and dental therapist models are listed models eligible for the grants.”

The ADHA published a PDF that breaks down the impact the bill will have on dental hygiene. You can download the PDF here.

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