fb pixel What's Your Favorite Color? | Total Care Dental

Out of all the things that we hear as dentists, one of the most common is that the dentist office is supposed to be dull and boring. Hmmm… Remember those bad dates in high school or college when there was an awkward pause in the conversation… and the next thing out of his mouth was, “So, uh, what’s your favorite color?” Yeah, that’s a classic. You won’t get that at Total Care Dental.

I can imagine that it’s just pure torture sitting in the spotlight on a dental chair unable to move a muscle with your mouth stinted open and cruel drills buzzing in your ear. If you add a dull and boring conversation to the mix, I don’t think torture would do it justice. Yikes.

We try to keep a smile on your face, even if it’s difficult to smile with three hands that aren’t yours in your mouth. Try us on for size and see what you think. You might be disappointed that the dentist isn’t as boring as you were hoping.

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