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As many of you heard, our office was inundated with what seemed like a tidal wave of water about a month ago. It goes without saying that one cannot underestimate how cool insurance can be. Pretty much the entire place is going to get a once over. We all can’t wait for the shiny new goodness.

Since the flood, we’ve pick up the pieces, well we’ve really just bootstrapped the pieces back together to that we’re not camping out at the neighbors office anymore 🙂 Everything is rolling together like it’s supposed to. Just like the “ante-deluvian” days.

So… that being said. You’re welcome to come take a look at the damage. Even if you just want to stop by to say hi, we love that too. You don’t need an appointment for that, we’d love to see you any time but if you’re due for a check up. You can now reserve an appointment online. We’re taking a step up in the online world here folks! Just trying to be a little convenient is all 🙂

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