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Last night I listened to a speaker from Australia while at the 15th annual meeting of the Crown Council. This speaker is about 3feet tall. He is a very handsome 24 year old man. He was born without any arms or legs. He tells his story of how he grew up in Australia with all of the hardships he had to overcome. He has learned to put aside feelings of depression and despair, as he has grown to accept his life, and look for the good. He is just a stump that stands erect on a table as he speaks.

He talks about gratitude, hope, and faith. As I think of my life, I am grateful for so many things. Even though we are all experiencing some despair and disappointment from the things that are happening in the world, we can be grateful for so many things. We can be grateful for life, health, and a great place to live. We can be grateful for freedom and hope for a better future. I am grateful for my team, my patients, my family, and all of the many blessings I have.

May God bless you as you think of all of the blessings you have. May we all be inspired to look outward and bless the lives of those we are around.

From Dr. Coles

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