fb pixel Dr. Jorgensen'sTeam Wins "Best Team Award 2010″ | Total Care Dental

This is Dr. Coles. I couldn’t be more excited. I am on the plane returning from the 115th annual event of the Crown Council. The Crown Council is an organization of exceptional dentists that stand for excellence and service. Dr. Jorgensen and her team received awards that I would like to tell you about.

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen received her lifetime achievement award. This is no small achievement. It takes 5 years, and is an exciting award for any dentist, especially those in the Crown Council. Michelle’s dentalteam received the Best Team Award for 2010 out of all the teams that had bids submitted throughout this last year and during the annual event. Yeah! We congratulate them for continuing to push forward and become even better at what they do. They certainly deserve it. We will have a video of them receiving the award posted on our website. We’ll keep you posted.

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