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We got this letter from a patient of ours and it was just too good not to share with you. We don’t like to toot our own horn so we handed it to Steve Jorgensen (not our Steve by the way) and he’s done a great job.

We really appreciate letters like this, it’s what keeps us going and what motivates us to do our best. Thanks Steve!


Being a single father of three and having no health insurance for some time now I’ve had to negotiate all our medical needs. I wouldn’t suggest this to anyone not willing to put forth a little effort and some time, trying to get the best care for someone you love while bargaining on the price of service can be at best humbling if not humiliating at times. I rarely write these type of letters due to the fact I have such little time however I am so impressed with the service as well as the staff at “Total Care Dental” I must express my gratitude and admiration for the way they cared for my daughter Aubrey and handling the financial aspect of her care.

  • Doing some research on her dental needs I came across their web site. this is one great site, why is that you ask? Because it tells me a lot about the staff and their qualifications, where they graduated from and even some tidbits of personal information. What kind of services they offer and even before and after pictures of prior patients. Well worth their investment to have such a remarkable site.
  • Scheduling an appointment the same week I called. Wow!!! Really how often does that happen serious. the last thing I want to hear when I have a tooth ache is “well we can try and fit you in next month” they not only seen her that day but was able and ready to begin working. But wait I’m getting ahead of myself here. My first impression as I walked in to their office was how clean it is and how prompt they greeted me as I entered. Having just the one prior phone call I felt as if we were family and after a short wait we were taken back to a room and no we were not the only ones there. their was six to seven other patients there. The Dental Assistant asked us what they could do for us that day she asked some question but mainly listened to what we would like done, I could go on about the initial visit but I’ll end with this, first impressions are lasting ones.
  • My daughters fear of needles and the whole drill buzzing frightens most of us but their demeanor and conduct put her at ease (gas helps too :). From the dental assistant to Dr. Jorgensen (no relation) is a testament to the caring and concern for the patient. If everyone in the service industry would conduct themselves in this same manner there would be no need for malpractice lawyers.
  • Another reason why I will recommend this place: Cinda. She worked with me on the finances, she knew of my situation and kept the cost to what was exactly needed we even shared a personal experience that made me feel as if I was talking to a life long friend and not some accountant that wants my money.
  • I highly recommend this place to anyone whether you have insurance or not and if your afraid of dentist or haven’t been for a while, this is not your typical dentist office so forget all them painful memories of past visits and give this place a try. You will be pleasantly surprised of how advanced this field has become.


Steve Jorgensen
Pleasant Grove, Utah

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