fb pixel Flowing Waters: Floods And Tears | Total Care Dental

For our inaugural blog post, we are feeling a little reflective. Four days ago, on Tuesday January 19th, we walked into the office to a very unwelcome surprise. Our washing machine had jammed mid-cycle and had gushed water into the office all night long. Everything was covered in at least an inch of water.

Being new to this flood thing, we didn’t know where to even start. We called a disaster cleanup crew, and the fun began. We thought a few fans, some good wet vacs – that should take care of it… Evidently we don’t know anything about water. The cleanup crew immediately began cutting and tearing up all the carpet and throwing away the pad underneath. We could handle that – then the baseboards went, followed by huge chunks of the sheetrock. We have been out of the office all week, and it’s gone downhill from there!

We wallowed in poor-me world for a little while and stressed about how we were going to put things back together. Then something much worse happened. A very good friend of the family, Maurice Lacayo, passed away suddenly after a fluke accident at work. We feel devastated for his sweet wife Yolanda and three little children. Maurice had one of the biggest and best smiles ever (and being in the tooth-business, we know smiles!). Kind, generous, thoughtful – that was Maurice. All of a sudden, a little water doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Thankful is how we feel now – thankful and blessed. We’re thankful for our families, for our work family, and for all of you as friends in our dental practice. Carpet is just carpet, and walls can be repaired. The things that matter most weren’t touched by the flood.

We have one favor to ask all of you. As you come to the office in the next couple of months, join in as we joke and laugh amid the mess of reconstruction. Let’s help each other remember how blessed we are.

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