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Implant Dentistry

Dental Implants American Fork

Do you have trouble eating because you are missing teeth? Do you avoid smiling because some of your teeth are gone? Missing teeth don’t have to destroy your smile or permanently limit what you can eat. With dental implants, Dr. Jorgensen and Dr. Coles can replace your missing teeth so you can chew and smile again!

A dental implant is a root replacement. One of our doctors will place the titanium implant where the root of your missing tooth was. Over the next 6 months, your bone will naturally fuse to the implant, and then we’ll place a permanent crown on top or connect your denture to the implant. You may not need an implant for each missing tooth – sometimes it’s possible to bridge implants together to replace more teeth at a time.

The one requirement for dental implants is that there must be enough strong bone to hold the implant. Total Care Dental is excited to have a cutting edge CT scanner x-ray on site to evaluate your bone health and strength. You won’t have to go anywhere else for your implant xrays. The need to add grafted bone to support the implants may be discussed, and underlying oral health problems, like gum disease, will be addressed prior to implant placement.

Implant dentistry is so exciting for us. People that had to wear dentures or partials that come in and out, or people that are missing teeth can have teeth again! In fact, Dr. Jorgensen was missing a tooth and now has a dental implant to improve her smile!

front Sandra O.

Sandra O. – Actual Total Care Dental patient with dental implants

“For a long time I knew that I needed to have some serious dental work done. I put off going because I thought I would need dentures. I was told by a friend about the great service and work done by Total Care Dental. The moment I entered their office they made me feel like family. I chose to have implants placed, and I am not sorry. I can eat nearly everything I want – even my favorite corn on the cob!
Dody C. – Nephi, Utah